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Message From The Executive Director

In the blink of my eyes, time really flies and it had been 20 years since I stepped into the construction industry.

Singapore is a small country with no natural resources and the construction industry, has contributed Singapore’s rapid growth and prosperity. To be able to find a foothold in such a vibrant and competitive environment in the construction industry, we really need to keep abreast with the changes and innovation in the industry while maintaining a close coherent relationship with other players in the industry.

Everlast, as a company need to constantly improve and create new and innovative ideas to maintain our competitive edge in this industry. We need to be prepared to face the challenges and changes that this industry will throw at us.

Continued improvements in terms of the quality of our service to our valued customers and providing economically viable solutions is one alternate to help us stay abreast in this volatile business environment.

By always satisfying the needs of our customer, obtaining their approval, we will ensure our competitive edge amongst our peers. In doing so, we will also establish good name for “Everlast” in this industry.

Each member of Everlast will always try to upgrade individually by availing to the opportunities that the company provides.

Each member of Everlast will recognize the direction of the company and its value and together united in spirit and purpose. We will strive to achieve the goals and ambition of the company.


Executive Director, Mr. Edmund Ong | Click Here For Chinese Version




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